Keeping Your Home

If you need assistance in making your mortgage loan payments, the following options may be available:

  • Repayment / Forbearance Plan

· Allows you to distribute your delinquent payments over a period of time, usually no more than 10 months. A portion of the deferred delinquent amount is added to your normal monthly mortgage payment.

  • Loan Modification

· Allows you to make a temporary or permanent change in one or more of the terms of your mortgage loan. As a result, your loan will be considered current and your monthly mortgage loan payment will be more affordable

Prevent Foreclosure


If you are unable to make your mortgage payments under any circumstances and wish to avoid foreclosure, the following options may be available:

  • Short Sale

· Allows you to sell your home and use the proceeds to pay off your mortgage loan. This option may be available even if your home's market value is less than the total amount you owe.

  • Debt Forgiveness

· In certain circumstances, you may be eligible to have part of your principal balance forgiven in order to help you to refinance your home or modify your mortgage loan.

  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

· Allows you to voluntarily transfer legal ownership of your property to the lender when you are unable to sell your home at current market value.


Related Help:

The HOPE NOW Alliance is a broad based coalition of mortgage companies and mortgage market participants that is dedicated to preserving homeownership and preventing foreclosure.

HOPE NOW hotline:

1.888.995.HOPE (4673)

HOPE NOW web address:


Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


HUD is a U.S. government agency that offers free or low-cost counseling throughout the country. Find a HUD-approved counseling agency in your local area.

Contact HUD:


HUD web address:



 Contact California Funding and Investments: 877-310-8060